Can Electric Fencing Cause Damage

Electric Fencing is usually made from a steel wire and comes in various thickness levels as well as a variety of styles. When installing this around your house it needs to be earthed from all aspects and products that can generally trigger the fence to short out, set fire or conduct electricity. Any materials such as plants need to be kept away from the electric fencing and must never ever be connected to any metal or wood posts. All electric fencing should be connected to insulators made from plastic or porcelain. Find out more

Electric FencingBasics of Electric fencing

With the fencing linked to a powered energiser a brief high voltage electrical pulse can be created when contact is made with the wire. As one of the terminals are linked to the powered energiser producing an electrical pulse at the rate of 1 per 2nd the other terminal is linked to a rod made from metal which is embedded in the earth’s crust. This is generally called an earth rod or ground rod. How this works is as soon as the animal or individual touches the wire fencing and the earth’s crust which the ground rod is embedded, an electrical pulse will be generated and an electric shock received.

Can the Electric Shock Cause Damage?

Numerous aspects can affect the quantity of electricity and ultimately the kind of shock the recipient gets. The voltage levels, the quantity of contact made in between the person or animal and the fence, the amount of energy brought in the pulse and the path the present takes as it passes through the body are just a few of the factors that can make the distinction in an electric shock. Some individuals hardly observe a shock from an electric fence, others feel the uncomfortable pain and for couple of the shock results in death.

Various Types of Electric Fencing

There are 2 different kinds of this fencing, non-lethal and deadly. Non-lethal is widely used in the UK to prevent trespassers and is common with private land owners and federal government bodies. Examples of this include anything from housing communities and business factories to jails and military bases. In addition to triggering an electric shock this also act as monitored burglar alarm system.

Lethal fencing is created to send out really strong electrical impulses down the fence wire to have a detrimental result on what comes into contact with it. Typically this deadly type is used for anti-personnel functions such as shutting off access to surrounding nations, prisoner-of-war camp in the early wars and some high security prisons.